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My First & Second Near-Death-Experiences!


It’s been almost 30 years. On August 9th, 1988 at 6:35 PM while stationed in the Philippines…I had my first near-death-experience (NDE). This was a spontaneous life-changing…infinitely -Loving Cosmic Consciousness –experience of transcendental awakening and realization.  A week later, on the 15th of August of 1988, I had another near-death-experience. Both experiences opened new supra-lucid insights and have never ceased unfolding-to this very day.  

---Roland A. Webb [2017]

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapies Teachings


At Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions…We Teach Hypnosis and Hypnotherapies which are NDE-inspired, experientially based –deeply imbedded, positive-oriented and life-changing. Therefore, once Eye-in-Eye Hypnotherapies are learned, they are unshakable and seared into eternal memory. We offer to our students and Clients – hypnotically… the keys to the inner universe where synchronicity (also termed as meaningful coincidences), unfolds and manifests phenomenally- directly into their lives. Direct experiences are life-changing, and are shared with our students and Clients. Our powerful hypnotic systems and hypnotherapies facilitate healing, solve personal issues, and are passed on to our students- who in-turn are enabled to facilitate goal attainment within the lives of their Clients.   

Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis & Wellness Solutions Special Programs Cost-Cutting Initiative$


  • Client-to-Hypnotherapy Program - 20% Discounts 
  • Couples Hypnotherapy - 10% each Discounts each Client 
  • Eco-Know-How Program - 20% Discount 
  • KARMA Acknowledgement, Atonement Mitigation-Reduction Program - 15% Discount 
  • Stress Management - 10% Discount
  • Anger Mitigation - 10% Discount
    • And more...

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Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions Special Programs Cost-Cutting Initiative$



What Can Hypnosis Solve?

Climate Change & Global Warming

Ø How to save the planet 

Ø How to resolve Global Warming and Climate Change  

Socia-Economic & Sustainability

Ø How to solve sustainability 

Ø How to solve socio-economic and equity problems and issues  

Racism, Bias & Prejudice

Ø How to solve racial, ethnic, prejudice, bias, and discrimination problems and issues of inequities  


Class, Privilege & Superiority

Ø How to resolve issues related to privilege, superiority complexes, class, and social hierarchy 

Violence, Abuse & Oppression

Ø How to solve murder, destruction, exploitation, oppressions, and repression  

Ø How to solve violence, abuse, and mistreatment   

Education & Personal Issues

Ø How to resolve under education and miseducation 

Ø How to solve personal issues – from A-Z spectrum (see Eye-in-Eye Clinical Hypnosis and Wellness Solutions Protocols)   

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